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The Leadership Team


Rev Colin Emerson


I was born in Lincoln in September 1962 and attended Sunday school at the local Anglican church, where I was confirmed in my early teens.

I left school at eighteen and began a three month job in the local bakery, before gaining employment in the offices of British Telecom. I continued to work with them in Lincoln and then in Sheffield until I began training as a student minister.

In 1984, I married Carol, who is a born and bred Methodist. Two years after we married we moved to Sheffield and began attending the local Methodist church at Intake. 

My ministerial training was in Bristol and on completing the training I was sent to Penryn, on the outskirts of Falmouth, in deepest Cornwall. In 1995 I was ordained in Westminster Central Hall and after Cornwall we were stationed in Harrogate followed by a five year stint in Goole, East Yorkshire. The Derby circuit is, therefore, my fourth station.

I am friendly and don’t bite, unless you get between me and a chocolate bar!

Neil Clarke


I have been a Steward at Borrowash for many years now and have previously been a Church Steward on two occasions at my previous church. 


On reflection the role is quite different now as we are part of a Leadership Team within the church, encourage the Church in both spiritual and practical matters.

The Church family encourages participation for everyone, both during a Sunday service and during the week.  A wide variety of activities are available for everyone including Fellowship Groups, and social events like the Film Club. I particularly enjoy the social events when friends from the local community and families of our members join with us.

I enjoy going out for meals, visiting the theatre and cinema and exploring different areas of the country - particularly historic houses. 


Ian Frearson


I realised the strength of my Christian faith on research expeditions to the Arctic where I found myself in some tricky situations, quickly learning to say “Please God give us what we need” and not “Hey God, please give us what we want”.

I found an outlet for my creative writing in the books that the Borrowash Breakfast Boys have produced and I enjoy the fellowship that this monthly meeting has delivered.

I enjoy exciting and adventurous cooking and similar eating, have walked and sailed a bit and devote inadequate time to letting my wife know just how lucky I am. I do like individual people but not humanity very much. What you see is what you get (or less)!

Nicola Swinburne


I am a relatively recent addition to Team Steward and mostly get involved in behind the scenes work including the website and our social media pages although I'm never short of an opinion or two (and don't Ian and Neil know it)!

I enjoy hiking, running, cycling and weight lifting mixed in with lots of socialising (and sometimes I even manage to fit work in!). I'm also a big animal lover and will happily talk about my dog Dillon and my cat Klaus to anyone that will listen.

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